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Bobo vs The World: Expression & Growth

Here I am again. Two blogs in one week? Why am I doing this? Simple, I love expressing myself. I love finding new ways to do so. Finding new ways to express myself is one of my main goals in life and I think it is for a lot of people in this world. Whether that’s through art, people, or even sport. You should find joy in what you’re doing.

I’m blessed to have found so many different ways to express myself. This probably doesn’t come to a surprise to anyone that follows me on any social media platform. Some would say I post too much... and I may agree with them. It’s way too fun to have a platform where you can share an idea that you came up with and possibly have someone else share the same joy as you.

During quarantine I’ve had more time to explore other creative outlets that I normally wouldn’t have time for. Sometimes I feel like I skip to a new “activity” every week. I’ve explored Photoshop, Ableton (music producing program), photography and even TikTok (I know I’m sorry). Art forms like these are always so cool to me. It’s like making a movie. You have a feeling or idea in your head and you’re able to mold that into something concrete and present it to others. That’s so cool to me.

Today I’m writing. Writing is one of the most intrinsic ways of expression as you’re literally putting your thoughts onto paper and words for other people to digest. I actually find writing sometimes harder than a video or photo because it’s easier to convey my own emotions in those formats. I’ve done a fair amount of writing but it’s probably my least public work (except for my twitter, if that counts). In the last month, a few people in my life have influenced me to start writing more for myself. So I’m making it a point to do this.

Why do I do this? Why do I share so much so willingly? A few reasons.

First and foremost, I do this for myself. Having a way to show how I feel or an idea and channel it into something else is therapeutic. This is why I think sports are special to a lot of people. It’s not just a game, but a way to express yourself and live life differently. I do this when I run. I used to do this by playing pickup basketball. You create an identity as an athlete and get to show yourself or others who you are without even speaking a word.

This brings me to the next point; I do this for others as well. I don’t mean this in a monetary way. It’s cool to get a bunch of likes on Twitter or Instagram but I mean this in a way of a shared experience.. What would you rather do, watch a funny movie by yourself? Or watch it with a crowd of people who are laughing along with you at every joke? I find sharing my joy (I use this term a lot) with my friends / people I know to be one of my biggest motivators to keep creating and expressing myself.

Do I do this for approval? Yes and no. Who doesn’t want to be accepted or liked by other people. It feels nice. Life is about relationships and with different means of expression you are able to show sides of yourself that people wouldn't normally see.

As I said before, approval from others is nice but accepting yourself is what’s most important. Learning to be free and how to convey your own emotions to others has helped me be myself and become the person I am today. It makes the world more fun when you can display what’s going on in your head or how you feel. I don’t even mean in other mediums; I’m talking about daily life and normal conversations.

I’m not saying this like I have it all figured out. I’m still learning about myself and life. Yes, I go through phases in life of insecurity and doubt. Sometimes people think you have it all figured out but it’s okay for it not to be. Not everything you do or feel has to be sunshine and flowers.

This is why becoming comfortable in my creative space has helped me be myself. Learn to trust yourself and your tools. Everyone can grow in any aspect of life. Just like anything in life, if you work on it, you’ll get better at it. It’d say I'm a pretty extroverted guy who can go up to a group of people and start a conversation with anyone. It may seem like it’s some natural ability, but it’s not. It’s scary! It’s something I have to force myself to do sometimes and try to get better at. (Side note it’s also scary publishing something like this). This is why I’m writing. Writing is a great device for self-reflection where you can learn to grow. Make your life more fun. Push your boundaries. Look to grow. Express yourself.

Live life and have fun,

Anderson Bobo

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