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NCAA Track & Field Indoor Championships Photography - 2022

Birmingham, AL - Photos taken during the 2022 NCAA Track & Field Indoor Championships. Video was my main role during the event but I was able to balance both. The small facility the Indoor track lays in can feel cramped but the closeness bring out electricity. After each race, the runners are herded to the corner of the track along the railing. Media and coaches rush to the edge of the track. The crowd echoes in building.

Day 1 - The main distance events of the day were the 5,000 meter run and the distance medley relay. Abdihamid Nur (first picture) of Northern Arizona University took home the title in the men's race and Courtney Wayment (third picture) of BYU won the Women's title.

Day 2 - Finals, all day of all the guts and glory. Emotions were high. Bodies were pushed to the limit. Tears and smiles. Nothing like championship racing.

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