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What I watched this week

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Welcome to my new weekly blog. I’m at the point where I consume way too much media and not enough time talking about it, or at least in public. This will be the official space for Anderson Bobo’s thoughts and opinions on movies and television. Letterboxd (social media for movies) is too short and I don’t want to spam my Twitter feed to death. My Twitter followers really should be thanking me for not spamming them with tweets about how good Spy Kids 2 is. Be prepared for hot takes.

I’m going to begin this week’s list with television because it is on top at the moment. Let’s start with the two hottest television shows on the block.

Loki, episode 1 (2021) Disney+

My most anticipated show of the summer. Marvel’s newest series follows Loki, Thor’s brother, the “God of mischief”. The series jumps off where we last saw the anti-hero in Endgame, teleporting away from the Avengers. These are basically 6-hour movies but how to classify these shows is a discussion for another day. Loki finds himself in the hands of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organization whose sole job is to take care of “time variants” that mess with the multiverse main timeline. The TVA headquarters is a place where time stands still. Owen Wilson joins the MCU to play Mobius, Loki’s handler in the TVA, who seems to know all the answers to the universe. Overall I enjoyed this. Loki gives off fun, mysterious energy to it. We know nothing about the TVA and it gives off a Twilight Zone / Dharma Initiative from Lost vibes. Despite their advanced technology the TVA office is stuck in the 70’s design. That’s a lot to unpack at face value but it’s not as complicated as it seems. Disney seems to know what they're doing in the world of prestige television. They get a cool story with elite-level actors. It’s hard to mess that up.

Mare of Easttown (2021) HBO

Kate Winslet and Evan Peters? I’m sold already. HBO takes the crown of crime television yet again in this dark tale of a small town that is shocked by the murder of a 15-year-old girl. This idea of bringing in A-list actors to the small screen has revolutionized tv over the last 10 years.

The entire series is 7 episodes and it concluded last week on HBO. Detective crime shows *shaking hand emoji* HBO. I can’t think of a better pair. Everyone in the town has a connection or past with everyone else which lets the show constantly add layers to the story in a believable way. Kate Winslet carries this show like LeBron and brings up everyone around here.

I’ve been on a movie watching bender. In fact, my good friend, Tim Doyle, and I have been in a tightly contested race to see who can watch the most movies this year. We’ve been using the app Letterboxd to track this. As of now, I’m up to 47 to 43 not to brag or anything. (I’m going to rate the movies out of 5. That is a scale I’ve come to enjoy)

Get Out (2017)

*Bobo hot take alert* This is the best movie of the 2010s. A smart horror-thriller that has a unique take on the genre with thought-provoking social commentary? This is my 4th viewing of Get Out. I saw the Blu-Ray at Walmart for $6. This time around I watched Jordan Peele’s director’s commentary. I can’t believe this was his debut feature film. Nothing cooler than a director’s first film is an absolute banger. 5/5

Scarface (1983) Netflix

Finally got around to this. Sometimes I feel like an idiot for not watching these “classics” sooner.

This movie was a blast. Guns blazing, f-bombs everywhere, Al Pachino’s unfiltered confidence. I came in thinking this would be a normal shoot-em-up but to my surprise, it was beautifully shot. Can we talk about the trancing club show scene where Tony Montana sees his sister getting with another man? I thought I was watching Uncut Gems with the glaring close-ups and stabbing synths. 4.5/5

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021) Theaters / HBO Max

Not going to lie, I fell asleep for a solid 30-45min in this. Not because of its lack of substance, I was just very tired. I saw this movie on HBO Max but it also came out in theaters this weekend. Overall enjoyable and I think it would have been a better experience in theaters. Horror hits are different in a big black room with a 50-foot screen. 3/5

Spy Kids 2 (2002) Paramount +

Now I didn’t watch Spy Kids 2 this week, but this is my article so I make the rules. Is this the best Spy Kids movie? I think it might be. The first Spy Kids is a joy to watch and still holds onto a sense of realism that makes it special but Sky Kids 2 lets you experience the secret world of the OSS. The movie’s strongest point is its charm and humor. Don’t get me started on the gadgets. The combined watches with 2 or 3 heads is still one of the coolest gadgets in the series. 3.5/5

It does everything but tell time...

Thanks for reading! All feedback will be appreciated. If you’d like to see more posts like this let me know. This might be weekly, maybe bi-weekly. Depends on how much media I’m consuming. In the meantime, watch something!

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